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January Monthly Meeting- Good to Great

January 10, 2019
11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
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The Boat House at Confluence Park
679 West Spring Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Last year, we SOLD OUT this event! Register now for an event sure to inspire and motivate.

Our annual Good to Great program is a special event where the speaker is at your table!

Attendees will rotate tables, spending time with 2 different business leaders as they present on specific topics geared towards helping entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level. Register now to receive your first choice of speakers!

About the Speakers:


Polly Clavijo, Revolution Group

Ways to Grow Your Business Without Taking On Debt

Learn the no debt pros and cons, ways to grow without taking on debt or financing & what trade-offs might this require!

Polly Clavijo is a strategic business consultant with over 25 years in IT practice management and technical experience. Polly began her career in accounting then transitioned to become a technology and business consultant. Her passion for technology and learning, coupled with her desire to help people, led her to co-found Revolution Group, a Westerville based technology consulting company, in 1995. Polly defines her personal professional success by the success of the organization and the success of the consultants that she has nurtured over the years. Revolution Group has grown from infancy to a thriving business with over 50 employees.



Amy Buschar, Amy Buschar Creative

3 Steps to Identifying Your Unique Style and Why it Matters

How to edit your closets, find a personal uniform and learn to trust your style choices!

Just as a personal trainer, life coach or nutritionist can enrich your existence, having a dedicated stylist is an investment in the best version of yourself. Knowing yourself is the difference between fashion, what outside forces tell you to wear, and style, the way you express your unique self. When your style effectively communicates who you are and how you want to be perceived, the effect is dramatic, the impact is immediate and the results are long-term. Amy’s mission is to identify key pieces for any given season and to discover and refine your true style.  Her approach is holistic and collaborative and is about your lifestyle, your body type, your personality, your age, your budget.

Amy has been a stylist for iconic brands such as Victoria's Secret, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch and Lands' End stretching over 20 years.  She has studied this look and translated the process into steps to help you find your unique style.


Mike Clouse, Coach Clouse, LLC

The Seasons of Being Stuck

Discover the actions needed through the 4 seasons in our career and life journey, in order to get unstuck and grow to the next level. This session delivers the tools for overcoming obstacles that prevent leaders from performing at their best. This is important because what gets us "here", often won't get us "there". Just like a tree, we have to recognize the seasons of being "stuck" and cooperate with them, so that we can continue to live and grow...both personally and professionally.

An experienced coach and facilitator, Mike's passion is to guide and support leaders and entrepreneurs in getting "unstuck", as well as in accelerating success they are already achieving. Using the SightShift framework he helps individuals unblock the best of who they are and focus, perform and relate at their highest level possible.



Lt. Col. (Ret.) Kathy Lowrey Gallowitz

The Solution to Ohio's Talent Gap: Hire Veterans

Learn how to jump-start your Veteran-hiring to strengthen your workforce and improve the quality of life for Veterans and their families - another way a grateful nation can give back. 

Describe how Veterans strengthen the workforce.  Evaluate the myths and misconceptions that stigmatize Veterans.  Identify the elements of a comprehensive Veteran-hiring program.   Do you want employees who are trained to lead, follow and “make mission?” Look no further. Hire a Veteran! 

Hiring Veterans is the solution to the talent gap. Veterans’ skill sets, mindsets and values provide the soft and hard skills our workforce lacks - just what Ohio needs. Don't miss out! Employers nationwide are hiring Veterans in record numbers. Do you know how to identify, interview and retain Veteran talent?

LtCol (Ret) Kathy Lowrey Gallowitz was a career Air Force officer in public affairs and nursing. She designed and led a never-been-done before statewide outreach office for the Ohio National Guard. Kathy also had civilian careers in business and healthcare.  Her practice and perspectives are framed by masters degrees in nursing and political science and certifications as a John Maxwell Team Speaker, Trainer and Coach, and Corporate Citizenship Management.  Vanguard Veteran equips civilians to become Veteran Champions, helping employers become “Veteran-ready” and faith community leaders create military ministries.


Molly Grubb, Grubb Wealth Management

Reach Your Destiny by Buidling Your Dynasty

Having a clear picture of the dynasty each business owner is trying to create and protect has never been more vitally important!  Molly will cover ways to create more time, run faster, maximize your exit and free up wealth.

Molly Grubb has served organizations from a wide variety of industries and size, helping CEOs define their purpose and create a system that will multiply their success. And here’s why: Molly gets it. After watching her family’s success evaporate due to no plan or system, she built a system that is easily customizable to any CEO to help them define their purpose, simplify their life, gain more control over their business and multiply their success. She too is an entrepreneur and practices what she preaches. She understands the pain, sweat and tears that goes into building a great business. She has taken this knowledge and is sharing it with the world with her forthcoming book, Build Your Dynasty.



Mary S. Held, Mary Held & Associates, LLC

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Results: Using Outcome Thinking to Create a Roadmap to Success

Highly effective professionals invest little energy thinking about limitations or constraints. Instead, they engage in “outcome thinking” to focus their attention and energy on the success they want, which gives them a clear view of the road ahead and the roadmap to get there. Because your thoughts attract your results, engaging in outcome thinking will allow you to consistently see the possibilities and opportunities ahead and determine what it will take to grab hold of them. This session will help you make a shift from problem thinking and use outcome thinking to help you achieve the success you’ve always wanted.

Mary S. Held is president of Mary Held & Associates, LLC, a coaching and consulting firm that specializes in helping leaders create high-performance work cultures. Mary's expertise includes leadership coaching and development, team effectiveness and performance management. Mary is a member of the Board of Directors of the Gahanna Area Chamber of Commerce, where she leads the Workforce Development Committee and serves on the Women in Business Program Committee. She is also serves on the Mayor's Workforce Development Committee for the City of Gahanna. Mary holds a Masters degree in workplace development from The Ohio State University.



Mihaela Jekic, Money for Meaning

The Mindset Advantage: How to Build Resilience to Succeed

Resilience is critical to building the business – and life – we want. Fortunately, it’s not something a select few are born with – but like a muscle which gets stronger with practice! We can use effective strategies to “rewire” our brain for more inner strength, to grow from mistakes, and to quickly move past “oh, no!” and into action mode. With humor and fun!

Speaker, author and entrepreneur Dr. Mihaela Jekic helps aspiring entrepreneurs build resilience, find passion and purpose, and grow personally and professionally. Dr. Jekic learned at an early age what really matters in life, when her family lost all possessions in the Bosnian civil war and became refugees. Her journey has taken many twists and turns an Engineering Ph.D. from Ohio State, being a nationally ranked athlete, founding a biomedical startup, leading public-private partnerships, becoming an author, speaker, storyteller – and even an accidental improv artist! She is passionate about helping others build the life they want.




Virginia Macali, High Point Transitions, LLC

Conversations and Community: Using Strategic Questions to Unlock Solutions

In an age of polarity, speed, and confusion, there is a crisis of connection. This impacts us in our businesses and in life. Small group conversations can open the door to connectedness, community, and belonging. Key questions can make a big difference. A simple question like "What crossroad are you at, at this stage of your life?" can give the experience that you are not alone, you are not crazy, you are not wrong. This sharing builds trust, community, and connection.

Virginia Macali, JD, MS, founded High Point Transitions, LLC to support awareness and growth in individuals. As an Integral Coach, she coaches emerging leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs to make successful transitions at work and in life. As a Retirement Options Coach, Virginia helps people explore options and create a flexible plan for the non-financial aspects of retirement. She received a JD from Capital University, an MS in Education/Counseling from the University of Dayton, and BA from Wittenberg University. Certifications include Integral Coach from New Ventures West, Retirement Options Coach, and The Leadership Circle Profile.




Havilland Maxwell, Havilland Creative Group, LLC

Confident on Camera: Tips to Overcome Anxiety, Build Confidence and Be Camera Ready

Overcome your fears and shine on camera! Build your camera confidence and help your business grow with video interviews, product demos, live streaming and video blogs.

Havilland Maxwell is a creative business coach and on-camera personality who is on a mission to help independent professionals gain more clarity, attract more clients, and ultimately live with more confidence. She’s held positions in front of and behind the camera for over a decade. She uses her background in broadcasting, TV production, and commercial acting to help clients overcome their fears of being on camera. Havilland has appeared in projects for hundreds of companies across the country including IBM, Capital One, Accu-Chek, Ohio Attorney General's Office, Apple, Nicorette, and MasterCard among others. Visit to learn more.


Kerri L. Mollard, Mollard Consulting, LLC

How to Align Your Passion with a Mission-driven Organization

Nonprofit board service can be inspiring, but if not matched or structured well, can be frustrating. Kerri will discuss how to identify a nonprofit board to serve on, and what to look for to determine the best fit and use of your skills.

Kerri is a trailblazer, educator, entrepreneur, executive director, development director and award winner! She is a skilled communicator, a sought-after facilitator and earned a certificate in nonprofit board consulting from BoardSource earlier this year.  Kerri has worked with more than 80 nonprofits in her career. This topic is important to Kerri because the single most important relationship for nonprofit organizations is the relationship between the board and its CEO. Kerri has a certificate in Nonprofit Board Consulting, a MA in Arts Administration from Indiana University, and her BA in History of Art from The Ohio State University.



Sarah Pariser, The Women's Fund of Central Ohio

Disrupting Gender Bias

Increase your awareness of implicit biases and gender norms and how they effect women. Learn how workplace policies can create more leadership opportunity for women and increase your motivation to develop a personal action plan to disrupt gender bias.

The Women's Fund of Central Ohio is fiercely committed to igniting social change for the sake of gender equality and as such has developed a facilitated training called Gender By Us™ to raise awareness of the impact implicit bias and gender norms (or gender bias) has on people, workplaces, policies, and society. Founded in research and created to support the diversity and inclusion initiatives of organizations, Gender By Us™ identifies and disrupts unconscious perspectives by raising awareness through conversation. Gender biases hinders a women’s career advancement and leadership and require unearthing and practice to change.



Marti Post, Mindset Digital

Whole-Hearted: A Conversation for Working Moms

Women will share stories, ask questions, and help each other understand this delightful, and daunting, intersection of the two most powerful elements of their lives—work and family. In this unique discussion, Marti will facilitate a session that is equal parts history lesson, emotional support, creative exploration, and effective issue processing of the toughest topics working moms face. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the idea of having it all, or feel tugged in too many directions by your job and your family, or just want to hear how other working moms are coping, this session is for you.

Marti Post is the Chief Strategy Officer at Mindset Digital, a founding member of Women in Digital, the mother of two children (nine-year-old Marisen and four-year-old Carson), and a frequent presenter on the topic of working motherhood. In her role at Mindset Digital, Marti works with leaders in Fortune 100 firms around the world to harness the power of digital communication, social media, and strategy. In addition to leading digital transformations for senior executives, she is also a national keynote speaker and leads in-depth sessions on how to write and present in a digital age.


Jennifer Scheehle, Aspire Consulting Collective

Leading a Great Purpose Driven Company

Talented employees desire a sense of purpose in their work and consumers are prioritizing purpose driven brands. In fact purpose driven companies outperform profit driven companies. By building purpose driven companies, female entrepreneurs have the opportunity to lead wildly successful businesses while also making a tremendous social impact.

Jennifer Scheehle is Principal of Aspire Consulting Collective and a recognized leader of purpose driven organizations. Jennifer has over twenty years of business and leadership experience spanning foundations, startups, national health organizations and arts & cultural entities. Jennifer has led high performing teams that achieve extraordinary results and realize aspirations.



Nancy Jane Smith, Live Happier

Stop Doubting Yourself Start Achieving Your Goals

How to recognize when your own self-doubt is in the way!  We will examine the five behaviors we engage in when we are doubting ourselves. How concepts meant to be helpful such as gratitude, positive thinking, and self-compassion can keep us stuck in self-doubt. We will look at a proven strategy that helps you make decisions, and move from good to great.

Nancy has Masters Degrees in Higher Education and in Community Counseling from the University of Dayton. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor with eleven years in private practice and has spent 20+ years working as a counselor/coach. She has written three books on living happier, most notably The Happier Approach: Be Kind to Yourself, Feel Happier and Still Accomplish Your Goals. A certified Myers-Briggs® and Daring Way™ Facilitator, Nancy has brought her light-hearted, practical speaking style to corporations and nonprofits as both a keynote and workshop facilitator like the Bailey Cavalieri Law Firm, CASA of Central Ohio, and Wallick Communities.


Regan Walsh, Executive & Life Coach

Your Life. Your Terms.

How to get clarity of purpose, set boundaries that stick, and push past fear and self-doubt to live life on your own terms!

Let’s get real about life: trying to keep all of the balls in the air is no joke. You’ve got your career to manage, children to raise, aging parents to care for, and commitments to keep. I will share strategies you can implement to cope with the stress that comes along with life’s competing conflicting roles, as well as time saving tactics to help you navigate your day.

Regan Walsh is an NYU-certified life coach and speaker who focuses on helping women who are over-programmed and underwhelmed, reclaim their lives, both personally and professionally. She is located in Columbus, Ohio and coaches women from all over the world. Regan contributes to Harvard Business Review and Forbes, and has been featured in FAST Company, Elite Daily, Bustle, Smart Business, and Columbus CEO.



Mindi Wells, Wells Law

Employment Law for Business Owners: 12 Landmines & Easy Ways to Avoid Them

If you have 1 employee or 1,000 employees, you need to know basic HR law! In this fast-paced and interactive talk, Employment Attorney Mindi Wells will share many of the landmines she sees employers face and provide practical tips so you can avoid costly mistakes. Topics will include paying overtime appropriately, I-9 forms and government audits, internships, independent contractors, classifications, employee handbooks, sexual harassment complaints and more!

Mindi Wells is a trusted advisor to executives who need real feedback and real solutions from someone with real life experience. She is the Founder and Managing Attorney at Wells Law, a firm dedicated to handling HR matters that keep employers up at night. An attorney for over two decades, Mindi comes from a family of small business owners and has extensive financial and organizational leadership experience that gives her a unique perspective in working with her clients. She understands the need to carefully consider organizational culture and operational realities in providing legal advice to small businesses, entrepreneurs and colleges. Mindi’s clients appreciate her practical approach in simplifying legal complexities developed from years as a business professional herself.



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