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All NAWBO members are welcome to submit their information to be listed as Speakers for Roundtables if they are willing to provide their time and expertise at no charge to NAWBO Roundtables. View the list of Roundtable Speakers...

To submit your name or to request one of these speakers for your Roundtable, please contact Mikaela Hunt, VP of Roundtables

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The NAWBO Columbus Roundtables program provides both first-time and experienced business owners with a confidential, supportive venue to share ideas, insights, advice, and inspiration.

Each Roundtable consists of 5-9 women business owners who meet monthly to discuss the individual challenges, concerns and triumphs that come with owning your own business. Each of the participants is a woman who understands the pressures of business ownership and has relevant experience to share. We currently have general roundtables for all types of businesses, no matter what the size or how long they've been in business.

Roundtables are complimentary and are one of the many benefits exclusively available to NAWBO Columbus Premier Members. Members may apply to join a Roundtable anytime throughout the year.

Who Can Apply

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Roundtables are open to NAWBO Columbus Premier Members.

When Do They Meet

Each group will meet regularly and determine the best meeting times and schedule for its members. Experience has shown a regularly scheduled monthly meeting develops trust and continuity.

Where Do They Meet

Meeting location will be at the discretion of the group. Groups often trade off hosting meetings at their individual business locations or at a restaurant or cafe.

What Do They Do

The groups set their own agenda based on business owners’ needs, but are also able to pull resources from a curated Resource Bank that NAWBO provides. This resource bank includes speakers, leadership assessments, recommended books and podcasts and much more.

How Do You Apply

If you are a business owner and a Premier Member of NAWBO, simply register online or contact the Roundtable committee now:

One Last Note: Check to make sure your member profile is updated and complete.  We cannot process your application without a completed member profile.  Note that you can choose NOT to publish any portion of your profile information, but we do use it to make your Roundtable assignment to a group with the best fit. All information will be kept confidential.

Apply Now!

Please keep in mind that there is a waiting period after you submit your application. This time can vary depending on whether there is an opening in a current Roundtable or if there are other appropriate applicants to form a new group. 

We recommend reading The Rules of Engagement before submitting your application. 


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