NAWBO Columbus member Kristen E. Moosmiller launches NORTHAVENUE

The doors of NorthAvenue opened January 1st, 2019. However, the seeds of this practice were planted several years earlier when Kristen and Chandler first met.

Kristen had already built a solid foundation in financial planning. After graduating as a dual major in Finance and Marketing, she helped hundreds of clients plan their financial well-being working as a senior financial advisor for over a decade. But during that time something was missing – the opportunity to satisfy her unique vision for holistic financial planning.

Following a math-intensive education in actuarial science, Chandler spent several years as an actuarial analyst in healthcare. Although she found this work fulfilling, it all took place behind a computer screen. After one-too-many dreams about Excel spreadsheets, she realized it was time to explore a career shift towards more immediate and personal relationships with clients.

At the start of their own new beginnings, winds of change brought these two focused and driven women together to forge a partnership and break the mold in a male-dominated industry. They bonded over their love of musicals, travel, and in particular their desire to provide unbiased fiduciary advice.

While in Chicago for a business conference, they retreated to the lounge of The Robey, a stylish hotel on North Avenue, to brainstorm ideas for an exemplary business. There, they came to the table with an idea of what set them apart from their contemporaries. Attributes that already propelled them forward within their own careers: attention to detail, thoughtfulness, and a work ethic that just won’t quit. Discussing this made them realize their connection was special.

The day was spent exploring and refining their vision, overlooking North Avenue with breaks for discussions over Cuban food and a walk through the historic suburb of Wicker Park. That day two financial professionals finalized a joint vision of a company culture for their employees that prioritizes a reputation of excellent client service, support for professional development, advancement of a diverse financial planning industry and client base, and realizing higher values by giving back to their communities.

The story of NorthAvenue is just beginning.

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Plug -N- Play Open Coworking Day

Plug -N- Play Open Coworking Day

July 31, 1-5pm


Are you looking for a quiet place to work, and tired of hiding in closets at home?

Are you looking for a private place to meet with clients, and tired of competing with grinders at the coffee shop?

No problem...we've got you covered!

Join us for an afternoon of open coworking at PLUG-n-PLAY Day! We'll have snacks, beverages, wifi, social interaction (or solitude) to help you power through those tasks. Just bring your device, have a seat and get to work!

Visit for details and registration.  Email questions to

Tacos & Trust

Tacos & Trust

July 31, 11:30am- 1pm

Why does TRUST matter?

Trust is the most powerful currency in business. And trust and ethical behavior go hand in hand.

As business leaders we are responsible for setting the tone for our companies, through character, communications and business practices. Leading with strong character ethics is not just a matter of style or personal preference - it is good business. 

Join us on Tuesday July 31 for a lunch and learn session, Tacos & Trust.  Kip Morse from the Better Business Bureau of Central Ohio will cover the framework and tools any organization can use to begin building TRUST! from the inside out.

Visit for details and registration.  Lunch is included with your registration.  Email questions to

Then after this session, stay for an afternoon of open coworking instead of rushing back to your office. Registration for PlugnPlay open coworking is available at