Helen Colon (Member of the Year Nominee)

Helen Colon - The Schumacher Group

VP of Corporate Partners

The major contributions I have made are:

  • The number of Corporate has increased to over 300% ( both paying and inkind) and still growing
  • Retention level has remained the same
  • CPs now feel the value of their sponsorship, for eg. Increased exposure by being able to exhibit at all luncheons and events, developing and securing these relationships for retention, working alongside  with VP of Public Policy to secure an in-kind sponsorship for a  PP Advisor (Benesch)
  • To my knowledge, I have been the longest lasting VP in this role. (2 years)

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Rene Delane (Member of the Year Nominee)

Rene Delane - Women Who Dare

Visionary Committee

Thank you for the honor of being one of the women nominated for NAWBO Member of the Year Award.  As Belinda will share with you, it was an unexpected surprise.  In fact, I questioned that I had read her email correctly.

NAWBO has grown to be more than an organization for me, it is a family of like-minded women who have supported, inspired and shared their wisdom, friendship and expertise so that I could grow Women Who Dare with courage and confidence.

I have been a member of NAWBO for 3 years on paper and through my dues, but it was not until this year through my work with Visionary that I finally felt like I had earned my place and the right to contribute. 

Just a few weeks after I had volunteered for Visionary, my mother in Florida was diagnosed with an inoperable growing tumor just as our daughter, a new mother was half-way through her own battle with hereditary breast cancer.

Even though I resigned from the Visionary committee, one week later I decided that this would be the anchor to keep me grounded, to be “a sea of calm in an ocean of chaos”. And it was. 

My gift is building intentional relationships with people that goes past their title. When I was asked by Caroline Worley to contact Karen Price Ward, the Southwest Airlines Corporate Community Affairs Manager for their sponsor support for Visionary, I knew that first I wanted to create a “know, like and trust” relationship.

Through our ongoing emails, conversations and my own research starting in late May I learned that she was raised in a family that valued “giving back”,
her husband and two children regularly work at a shelter serving their own homemade soup in ceramic bowls her son and daughter had made. I did my own behind-the-scenes research and discovered Karen was on the board of director of The Rosa Parks Institute, was the first female African-American Marketing Manager for Southwest Airlines.

My major contribution to NAWBO is seeking the positive of each member and prospective member I meet, showing my respect by listening so that my body language, eye contact and conversation validates this person.  Then, I make it a point to include it in face to face introductions to others and email introductions to connect them to a beneficial sources.  In a world we live in of the 8-second attention span, the gift of our complete attention gets noticed…and hopefully is paid forward.  After all, we all just want to know we matter, don’t we?

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Barb Girson (Member of the Year Nominee)

Barb Girson - My Sales Tactics

VP of Membership

Summary of Contributions

  • Board Member November 1, 2013 - current; willing to renew for another term
  • VP Membership - Head of membership committee
  • Conduct Monthly Huddle - recruitment; on-going
  • Participate in Visionary Committee


  • Speer-headed successful in spring and fall Women, Wisdom and Wine Events resulting in 40% of our new members this year
  • Exponentially grew Membership to achieve record results (see statistics)
    • Our chapter had 117 members when I took over membership. Currently we have 176
    • Led a turnaround effort in collaboration with Board, Chapter Manager and Membership Committee reversing a 4-year trend of declining membership (see chart 2: member count at year-end and new members trends)
    • Exceeded our May 2010 all time high of total membership
    • 133% increase in new members over Prior Year (PY)
    • 35% increase in renewals OVER PY
  • Met and exceeded growth and retention goals while successfully managing budget and containing expenses
  • Contributed to cash positive position of chapter
  • Contributed to the success of our membership renewals achieving Top 5 ranking in the nation (Oct/Nov 2014)

Chart 1




Total Membership

117 (Thru  Nov 1 2013)

176 (Thru Dec 1 2014)

  • Exceeded our May 2010 152 All time high
  • 50% increase over PY

New Members

33 (Jan. - Nov 1, 2013)

77 (Jan. - Nov 1, 2014)

  • 133 % + increase  YTD 2014 over PY


55 (Jan. - Nov 1, 2013)

74 (Jan. - Nov 1, 2014)

  • 35 % increase YTD 2014 over PY

Membership Goal 2014


150 achieved!! (157)
New super goal: 175 achieved!!
New Super Duper Goal: 200

Need 24 net members by April, 2015

Retention Goal 2014


60% Achieved



 Chart 2






2014 to date


 Member CT at Year End







Note: 2014 are partial number compared to full prior years

New Members






Through Nov 1


Renewing Members






Through Nov 1
New Record set



  • (on-going) Serve as NAWBO VP of Membership on the Board of Directors
  • Recruited Organized and lead active (and most amazing) committee of 8-10 members
  • Fostered initiatives to create a variety of touch points to integrate and retain members
    • Empowerment and Delegation: Assigned Membership committee members to have areas of focus (ie calling new members, following up post Huddle with Guests etc.)

New 2014 Membership initiatives:

  • Tracking/reporting to Board on key performance indicators (monthly reporting)
  • Tracking member engagement at events. "We missed you" outreach when members do not attend 3 events. 
  • Secured (first time) local high profile speaker at spring WWW to stimulate member growth
  • Initiated inviting Corporate Sponsors exhibit tables at WWW and collaborated with VP Corporate Partners to implement the concept
  • New Member Table - to help integrate new members to our organization
  • Involvement: Membership Committee participation at most of the New Member Breakfasts to support the President


  • 2013 Nominated for Member of the Year

NAWBO Organization - Participation and Engagement

  • (on-going) Champion and refine Huddle process as a key recruitment method for new members
  • Attended and participated in NAWBO Board Retreat
  • Attended National NAWBO Conference in Indianapolis, to learn ways to enhance our chapter and leverage the National affiliation.
  • Attended and participated in monthly meetings and led Huddle
    • Attended 17 NAWBO meetings, special events in 2014 addition to the National Conference and Board Meetings, Leading Committee Monthly Membership Meetings
    • Greeting members, extending hospitality, and offering fellowship
  • Participated in Visionary Committee - supported Visionary needs and interfaced to mobilize Membership Committee Support.
    • Visionary - Responsible for organizing Visionary volunteer scheduling and delegation
  • Built Community Relations and raised NAWBO visibility by attending Latino Conference and Mayor's Conference
    • Coordinated booth coverage for Chamber's small business event

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Above information provided by nominee.