Day for Democracy


It takes an army of over 35,000 people to ensure things run smoothly on Election Day and we’re calling on you to enlist.

This year, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted’s office has launched an all-new initiative to help the 88 county boards of elections get the help they need on Election Day. The “Day for Democracy” program is working with business leaders like you to get the word out about how anyone can become a poll worker, and in doing so, secure themselves a front seat to see democracy in action.

In addition to serving their community, those who sign up will also be compensated for their time. They will make around $100 for their service on Election Day and will also be paid for attending a training session that will ensure they are properly prepared. This could be used as extra spending money or even donated to a charity of their choosing.

With the eyes of the world on us, it is all the more important that elections in Ohio run smoothly.  We hope you will consider making a day for democracy by partnering with Secretary Husted’s office to get the word out about this important opportunity to serve your community, state and country.

For more information on making your business a partner or to sign up to be a poll worker, visit

Meet Randall Gerber, Founder & Advisor of Gerber, LLC

Tell us about you and your company.

My name is Randall Gerber and I am the Founder & Advisor of Gerber, LLC.

Historically, we have called ourselves a “wealth management firm focused exclusively on first generation entrepreneurs.” And candidly, we’re going to have to call foul on ourselves.

In over two decades of direct experience with first generation entrepreneurs, the Gerber team recognizes the business owner has many needs beyond wealth management. The depth and variety of issues the first generation entrepreneur faces are never straightforward, and almost never have a one-and-done solution.

As such, we recognize that, really, Gerber is a “professional services firm exclusively advising first generation entrepreneurs.”

What motivated your organization to get involved with NAWBO?

NAWBO is a pro-business organization, and we’re focusing on first generation entrepreneurs specifically. Our interests and NAWBO’s interests are very much aligned because we’re both helping entrepreneurs and developing businesses in central Ohio.

What does your company offer NAWBO members and why is this important to them?

Gerber’s expertise covers (and needs to cover) a little bit of everything – making the Gerber team part cash flow manager, part financial reporting expert, part business coach, and the list goes on – in addition to providing all the ‘traditional’ wealth management tools.

Gerber services are designed very intentionally. To us that means taking proactive steps to plan for your business growth, while catering to your needs as a business owner and an individual alike.

What is the one best practice you’ve learned from working with businesses in your company that our members should know?

In our experience working with business owners, one of the most common themes we’ve seen is entrepreneurs struggle with the inconsistencies of cash flow – a major hiccup tied to the lifecycle of the first generation entrepreneur.

We’ve found that entrepreneurs typically don’t understand the real, significant competition between the dollars they need for their personal household in conjunction with their business needs. Which is why we uncovered rule number one: Don’t operate on the theory of hope.

To truly understand the intricacies of cash flow, you have to be brutally honest with what’s happening in your business. This starts by setting up a 13-week cash flow projection tracking your business needs and wants, specifically calling out your fixed and variable expenses. 

Profits do not necessarily equal cash, especially in terms of a business owner’s lifestyle and constant competition between their business and lifestyle needs. 

To learn more about Gerber LLC, click HERE

Meet Debbie Miller – owner of CreativesWorking

How did you get started with your business?

I started my business three years ago and was introduced to NAWBO two years ago by Brigid Heid.  She invited me to a Women, Wisdom & Wine event.  I try to attend every luncheon, but haven’t gotten involved with any committees at this point. I am interested in hearing about the round tables.  I’ve heard they are a good way to get involved and meet other NAWBO members.

So, tell us about your business.  

CreativesWorking is a creative staffing boutique located in Central Ohio. I have worked in staffing for more than a decade. I recruit experienced professionals with backgrounds in creative, communications and marketing for contract, contract-to-hire and direct-hire employment opportunities. I am locally grown, having lived my entire life in Central Ohio.  I love Columbus and am passionate about working with the local creative community and helping my clients solve their staffing challenges.  I enjoy building relationships and am committed to providing high-quality and personalized service. 

What inspired you to get into your business?

I started my career working in marketing and communications and moved into staffing 10 years ago, when my son headed off to college.  I felt restless – I wanted to learn something new and to expand my earning potential.  After working for other staffing firms for many years, three years ago I started my own business and have enjoyed yet another challenge in my career… self-employment.

What are your three best practices or tips that every NAWBO member needs to hear?

Number 1: I treat all my candidates and clients with respect.  I have been on both sides of the fence (client and also freelancer/job seeker) and feel deeply committed and empathetic toward their needs.

Number 2:  I invest time in building strong and meaningful business relationships. I rarely even think about the money. (I let my accountant do that!)  I know that if I work hard and build strong relationships with my clients and consultants, success will follow.

Number 3: I take care of myself and keep my life balanced.  Managing my personal relationships with my family and friends and taking care of my health along with cultivating satisfying hobbies all plays into my overall success.

What does your future look like?

I’m excited about the current market conditions in Central Ohio’s creative scene.  We have a vibrant creative community.  Every week I meet with smart and talented people. If I can continue to work with good people and help people find employment, I consider myself successful.

 What do you do in your free time?

When I’m not working, my husband and I travel.  We are committed to four vacations a year. I also practice yoga regularly and am a member of the Mat Happy Studio in Hilliard, and I love to read and sew.