Meet Michelle Ladd of The Human Form

Tell us about The Human Form 
The Human Form is a boutique fitness studio that takes a holistic approach to improving the health and wellness of our members. We offer a health and fitness experience unlike any other in Columbus. By combining our orthopedic background with strength training and lifestyle coaching in a supportive, individualized small group personal training setting we can effectively help our members lose body fat, improve strength and mobility, while alleviate injuries and improving posture. We keep the member to coach ratio at 5:1 so we can customize each workout to the individual member and provide a high level of customer service with every session.

What inspired you to own your own business?
After years at a larger gym facility, we wanted to create a space that embodied our health and fitness philosophies in an environment that supported the community culture that is so important to us. In addition to providing individualized workouts to each member and approaching fitness from a more scientific standpoint, having more control over the customer experience was a major driver in opening our own business. The Human Form is more than a gym – it’s a diverse community of supportive, welcoming members led by top-notch coaches who want to make your workout the best part of your day. For those women who are unsure where to start, have aches and pains that keep them from working out, or are just interested in a more holistic way to take care of their body, our step-by-step approach can add not only fitness, but confidence and vitality to their lives.

What are some of your best practices for the rest of us?
It is imperative to be clear with expectations up front when building a referral relationship with other businesses. The area we have most often been disappointed in when referring to other businesses has been with their customer service. Our members have come to expect a high level of personal attention and a feeling of being valued as both a customer and a person. We have learned the hard way that some businesses have skilled practitioners, but fall short of our standards on overall customer care. Therefore, we make it clear how we expect any of our members to be treated when we refer them to another business.

What’s next for you and The Human Form?
In the last 5 years we've moved, expanded, added services to our business model, hired our first 5 employees, expanded again, and switched from being practitioners 100% of the time to managing the facility. It's been a wild ride! Now that we've settled into our new roles and are learning how to handle the growth, we are moving beyond fitness and working to become a true holistic facility. With the recent addition of 3 new offices, we've brought on a mindfulness/meditation specialist and have plans for a therapeutic massage therapist, and a corrective exercise specialist/physical therapist.

What do you do for fun?
People find it funny that "working out" does not fall high on my list of things I do for fun. It is certainly in my regular routine (and I do enjoy it!) but with a job that requires a high level of energy, physical work and social engagement, I've found that it is important for me to balance that with activities of a different kind. I enjoy being out in nature, whether it is a hike, an afternoon of gardening, or reading a book in my hammock. I always make time for something that feels creative -- cooking, knitting, drawing -- anything to shut down that "busy" part of the brain that is so often in overdrive when you run your own business!

Meet Betty Collins, CPA, Brady Ware & Company

Tell us about your company. 

Brady Ware CPAs have guided clients through complex financial and tax issues since the early 1950s. We combine unparalleled tax, audit, and advisory expertise with industry-specific knowledge. And we work with you collaboratively and efficiently to create the custom financial solutions that fit your needs.

Brady Ware formed a Women's Initiative to empower our women to succeed professionally and personally. Our initiative focuses on investing in resources, developing skills, and creating support systems for women so they can live up to their full potential, advance their career, and become a force in the marketplace for client development.

Our Women's Initiative support system addresses the hurdles that women encounter in the routine of everyday life. This initiative also helps employees find balance in their personal and professional lives, and promotes confidence.

What motivated your organization to get involved with NAWBO?

Brady Ware wanted a network for our women where they could learn more about women's issues, connect with women business owners, and be more involved in our community.

What does your company offer NAWBO members and why is this important to them?

Brady Ware offers women-to-women business connections that benefit us all. Our CPAs offer more than a casual accounting relationship. We are business advisors who help clients navigate business and personal financial matters, some of which are unique to women-owned businesses.

What is the one best practice you’ve learned from working with businesses in your company that our members should know?

The internal culture you create and promote affects how you and your employees develop. Your employees are your #1 clients. If you treat them well and empower them, they will in turn take good care of your external clients. This leads to a growing and prosperous business.

ODOT invites NAWBO Members to Summit

As a part of ODOT’s ongoing efforts to increase diversity and do more outreach to small / minority / disadvantaged / women owned businesses, they will be holding an “Opportunities in Transportation” Summit in Columbus at the Columbus State Community College Workforce Center on Tuesday, June 14, 2016. 

They will be highlighting the construction and consultant services side of ODOT.  The summit will offer companies the opportunity to learn more about doing business with ODOT and to network with large / prime companies in the construction and engineering fields. 

They will also have an area with vendor tables where organizations that serve business owners can have information about services they offer and answer questions of attendees who stop by the tables.  

Here is an outline of the day (the vendors tables will be set up throughout the entire day…or for as long or short as the vendors’ schedules permit):

Tentative Agenda

9-9:30am   Opening session with guest speakers like ODOT leadership and elected officials to welcome the attendees.

9:30am – end of summit    Networking Session with the large engineering and construction companies in Central Ohio.  This is where DBEs can network with and introduce themselves to the large companies to hopefully work together on future projects.  (This takes place while the other sessions are going on).

9:45am – 10:45am   A panel discussion after the opening session, where experienced DBEs can talk about their success with securing work on ODOT projects and take questions.

10:45am – 11:45am    Morning workshop (attendees pick one of the options)

12p – 1p      Lunch with guest speakers (TBD) 

1:15p – 2:15p   Afternoon workshop (attendees pick one of the options)

1:15p – 3:15p    Meet the Buyer session (Attendees stop by buyer tables of government agencies)           

3:30pm      Closing remarks

Click HERE for the FREE conference registration

For more information, contact:

Lynn Stevens

Central Ohio Regional Outreach Manager
Ohio Department of Transportation, Districts 5, 6, 10

Division of Opportunity, Diversity, and Inclusion

400 E. William Street, Delaware, OH 43015
Phone: (740) 833-8042 / Cell: 614-578-0513 / Fax: 614-887-4606