Meet Diana Spurgus with Business Systems Solutions, Inc.

Tell us about your business. 

We provide outsourced IT department services to companies located throughout Ohio and neighboring states who either don’t want or can’t afford an internal IT department.  Organizations we service typically range between 20 and 100 computer users across all industries.

What inspired you to get into your business? 

I have always wanted to own my own business since I was a little girl.  When I was traveling for Ernst & Young in their IT Consulting department working with large corporate accounts across the US, I decided I wanted to take my skill set and help leaders of smaller companies in comparison who have just as high technical needs as the larger companies. BSSI was born in 1997.  Yes, we are celebrating our 20 year anniversary this year!

What are your three best practices or best tips that every NAWBO member needs to hear?

I am selecting 3 nuggets reinforced last week when I had the opportunity to spend 5 days with 8 business owners from the US, Australia and England discussing strategies to grow our businesses exponentially.  

  1.   Before we discuss strategy or tactics in our business, our passion and our why have to be crystal clear.  To lead others, we have to consistently display passion and frequently remind others of our why of what we are accomplishing. 
  2.   We limit ourselves by our very own thoughts and beliefs.  We have to surround ourselves with people who think and act bigger to expand our thinking, goals and plans.


Complexity.  One thing that became very apparent is that business owners from all over the world tend to over-complicate their business and their lives.  Keep things simple.

 What does your future look like? 

 Our future is very bright.  We have just outgrown our current facility so we are in the process of building our new HQ.  We have strategic plans that require us to open more satellite offices here in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Illinois.  Life is good.

 What do you do in your free time?

 I have always made the business my priority in my free time. I am now focused on becoming more well-balanced. I like to spend time with my family and our 3 dogs and we all like to travel.  I love to create beautiful things…  whether it is redecorating my home, creating a scrapbook, crocheting a blanket, cross stitching a picture or planning and decorating for an event regardless if it is for me or a friend.   

I am currently preparing for the Camino De Santiago pilgrimage walk in Spain with my family in July so I am working with a trainer and trying to get in lots of walking also in my free time!

What is your company website?

 Visit us at