Laura MacGregor Comek noted for Industry Accomplishments

NAWBO Columbus Immediate Past President, Laura MacGregor Comek, was recently recognized for the following industry accomplishments:

- Named one of the 2018 Best Lawyers in Central Ohio

- Re-appointed to the National Association of Home Builders National Land Use Committee and newly appointed to the State and Local Government Committee. NAHB serves the home building, development and remodeling industry by promoting policies that encourage the production of quality housing that meets the needs of families across the economic spectrum. NAHB stands for safe workplace and cost effective rules and regulations while ensuring sustainable construction practices. 

- Named 2018-2019 Land Development Co-Chair for the Ohio Home Builders Association.

Meet Anna Schott, LISW-S, Owner at Renew Wellness

Anna SchottMy name is Anna Schott, LISW-S, and I joined NAWBO about three years ago.  I am on the Membership Committee and am on a roundtable.

Tell us about your business.

Renew Wellness is a holistic counseling practice that specializes in working with individuals who would like to improve their emotional, physical, and spiritual health through counseling, somatic therapy, yoga, and other specialized wellness interventions. Our practitioners recognize how real change comes from connecting the mind, body, and spirit to improve clients’ overall functioning. We also help counselors build their own private practice under the umbrella of Renew Wellness by offering administrative services, business coaching, and consultation.

I have several roles at Renew Wellness. I run the business with my business partner Cassie Starinsky and coach our therapists in building their own private practice at Renew Wellness. I am a therapist (LISW-S) and specialize in trauma, addiction issues, eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. I also teach yoga at Renew and encourage my clients to attend classes.

What inspired you to get into your business?

Before starting Renew Wellness, I worked for many years in a traditional mental health treatment system and found that traditional therapy was not enough. My partner and I wanted to offer a more holistic approach to working with clients that was notfeasible in our previous employment and decided to go out on our own. Through the years, we met many other like-minded therapists and counselors who showed interest in joining Renew Wellness. We contracted with them to grow our practice and provided business coaching and consultation to them to help them build their own private practice.

What are your three best practices or best tips that every NAWBO member needs to hear?

  1. You will fail, but that does not mean you are a failure. Learn from it and try again.
  2. Find your tribe. They are invaluable and indispensable.
  3. You can’t do it all yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, whether it’s from professionals, i.e. lawyers, CPA’s, therapists (I had to put a plug in for therapy since I am a therapist – everyone can use some therapy!), or other individuals in business.

What does your future look like?

I love working with clients in therapy and continue to see myself doing so. I am very interested in professional training and consulting other therapists and am going to continue to grow this aspect of my business. I see Renew Wellness growing in size and possibly expanding past the two locations we have now.

I am married and have two elementary-age kids, and I see myself maintaining healthy work-life balance (I know, everyone loves that term). I find so much fulfillment from my work life and home life and do my best to give energy to both areas of my life.

Anna SchottWhat do you do in your free time?

In my free time, I practice yoga, read, hike, and glamp in my camper with my family.

What is your company website?

My business website is

Meet Dwayne Lee, US Bank

I have years of experience in working with small businesses and commercial real estate. My family owned a small business and I have also been the underwriter on the other side making the decision. I developed a team of resources from brokers, attorneys to CPAs and financial advisors. I pride myself in being a resource and trusted advisor for small businesses. As a son of an entrepreneur, I understand the impact of the day to day operations. With my knowledge in the industry and experience in business underwriting, I assure you it would be beneficial for us to sit down and discuss next steps in your business and where I could add value to you, your business and your future.

Professional Experience

  • 24 years of financial industry experience from teller, sr. underwriter, management, lending, depository, treasury management, sba sr. underwriter and relationship management.
  • extensively involved in owner occupied, investment real estate and strip mall financing.
  • Served as lead underwriter and approver sba lending
  • Historically $10MM in approval authority
  • Recent transaction volume exceeds $9 Million in real estate lending in 2016.


Professional Associations & affiliations

  • Central Ohio Minority Transportation since 2016.
  •  Active member of Central Ohio Business Builders since 2016.
  • Active member in Nawbo where I serve on Communication Board.
  • Active participant Small Business Development Office.