Meet Columbus 2020

Tell us about your company:

Launched in 2010, Columbus 2020 is a 10-year economic development strategy for the “Columbus Region” comprised of 11 counties in central Ohio. The strategy establishes four goals to be achieved by 2020: Creation of 150,000 net new jobs; fixed asset investment of $8 billion; per capita income increase of 30%; and national recognition for the organization. In year seven of the 10-year strategy we are proud to report that since 2010: 141,000 net new jobs have been created (as of July 2017); $8.1 billion in investment has been committed; per capita income has increased 21.5%; and Columbus 2020 was recognized as “Best in Class” economic development marketing in the 2017 “Winning Strategies” national survey conducted by Development Counsellors International. Although we are incredibly proud of these achievements, we remain keenly focused on the execution of the strategy to grow the Columbus Region economy and reaching the final two unmet goals: 150,000 net new jobs and 30% increase in per capita income. What does the strategy mean to the Region? A recent impact study determined that the economic development projects announced in the region since 2010 have a consumer spending impact of $10.5 billion.

What motivated your organization to get involved with NAWBO?

A key to our organization’s success is the strength of our network. We wake up every day thinking about developing new and strengthening existing relationships and helping the Columbus Region WIN! Even more, building relationships through NAWBO helps US anticipate business banking needs and establish our company as a trusted business advisor.

What does your company offer NAWBO members and why is this important to them?

Columbus 2020 works in partnership with Columbus Region economic development organizations and the state’s private economic development company, JobsOhio, to facilitate the growth of economic base companies in the region. We work with both existing and new companies. This photo was taken at a groundbreaking ceremony for one of those new-to-the Region companies, Sofidel, an Italian tissue paper company. In 2018, manufacturing will commence in the company’s new 1.8 million s.f. facility in Circleville. In this case we courted the company to consider the Columbus Region for their facility, helped them identify a location for the facility, and helped them secure resources in support of their project. Going forward we will maintain relations with Sofidel to support their success here. Qualifying NAWBO members may tap into these and other services offered by Columbus 2020. In turn, this assists US in identifying solutions that result in helping a NAWBO entrepreneur thrive.

What is the one best practice you've learned from working with businesses in your company that our members should know? 

In spite of how busy you may be, take the time to pause and ask the question “what resources are available to help my company?”. As companies grow, many are so focused on the delivery of their product or service (and rightly so!) they may lack time and resources to explore what might be available to support their growth. A phone call to Columbus 2020 or one of our local economic development partners can quickly help them answer the question.. Their team should include an Accountant, Attorney, Banker, Personal Financial Planner, Insurance Agent, and Life Coach. But mostimportantly they should build relationships through a great network like NAWBO! 

Sofidel groundbreaking