of Visionary Women

Each year, the NAWBO Columbus Visionary Awards honor one Central Ohio woman business owner who has achieved success with her business while making notable contributions to her community, her industry, and to initiatives for other women in business. This year, on our twentieth anniversary, we are not only honoring our next Visionary Woman, but we are paying homage to our past Visionaries as well. 


Congratulations to the 2017 Visionary Honoree: 

Heather Whaling is founder & president of Geben Communication. In 2016, she was named EY Entrepreneur of the Year in the Ohio Valley Region (OH, KY, IN). After launching the company from her dining room in 2009, Heather’s fresh approach to best practices has helped Geben evolve into a highly respected, sought-after, award-winning PR firm. With offices in Columbus and Chicago, Geben was named the national media relations agency of the year (Ragan/PR Daily) and a top 10 agency for startups (Agency Post).


We are also excited to announce our Women's Business Champion - 


State Representative

Representative Pelanda was instrumental in our Chapter's efforts to get the approval of the micro-business initiative.