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Pictures from the Legislative Meet & Greet

Legislative Meet & Greet, May 2, 2017, Ohio Statehouse




The Proposed Ohio Budget Bill (HB 49)

A benefit of NAWBO membership is a stronger voice in legislative issues. The Public Policy Committee of NAWBO Columbus is seeking your input.  When issues impacting women business owners are being discussed by policy makers, we strive to educate our members and speak up in a way that reflects our members’ views. 

We would like your opinion on proposed legislation which would allow all municipal taxes to be centrally collected (HB 49).  Please read the following description and tell us if you are in favor of this legislation.

The Issue:

The proposed Ohio budget bill (HB 49) contains language that would allow all municipal taxes to be centrally collected by the Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT) through the Ohio Business Gateway (OBG).  (Taxes would be paid to ODT with quarterly distribution to the municipalities along with pro rata share of interest earnings).   


Proponents - Benefits to Business:

  • Greater uniformity and lower compliance costs.
  • Business taxpayers would file one return through the OBG, as opposed to filing a return with each municipality in which the business operates.
  • ODT would propose one set of rules to govern net profits tax collection, not rules that may differ from one municipality to the next.
  • Tax appeals would be made to one central independent body, like other state administered taxes, not to each municipality.
  • Filing and payment will be required electronically through OBG and the capabilities of OBG will be enhanced to handle the volume of net profits returns and payments.


Opponents Concerns (municipalities):

  • Local Control
  • 1% administrative fee (most city collection departments are revenue neutral)
  • Bond rating relies on reliable revenue sources
  • Local jobs


Current Status of Legislation (HB 49):

The central collection of municipal taxes is a proposal that is contained in the Governor’s introduced version of the budget (HB 49).  The House is expected to reveal their version of the budget after their Easter break in late April. Business groups are advocating that the House leave this provision intact when they pass their version and send it to the Senate.

Are you in favor of this legislation?  Please click here to participate in our poll. 


2017 Business Matchmaker Event

The SBA and Ohio Development Services Agency is hosting the 2017 Ohio Business Matchmaker event. This could be a good way to meet state entities looking to do business with YOUR business. For more details on this event that takes place on April 26, please go to https://www.ohiobusinessmatchmaking.org/

“Microbusiness” Approved by Ohio House of Representatives

NAWBO Columbus initiative, House Bill 5,  which creates a definition of “microbusiness”, passed the House of Representatives today unanimously by a vote of 96-0.  Helping microbusinesses navigate government regulation and reducing unnecessary rules and laws is part of Speaker Rosenberger’s platform, the Buckeye Pathway, which outlines the top issues in the Ohio House of Representatives this session.  NAWBO Columbus commends the sponsors of House Bill 5, Rep. Dorothy Pelanda (R-Marysville) and Rep. Theresa Gaverone (R-Bowling Green) and the entire House of Representatives, for recognizing the job creation and economic value that microbusinesses bring to Ohio.   NAWBO Columbus looks forward to working with the Ohio Senate and to see microbusinesses find a permanent place in the Ohio Revised Code.

Benesch Hosts Steve Stivers Roundtable

Thank you to our Public Policy Advisor Rachel Winder of Benesch Law for arranging for this roundtable meeting with Congressman Steve Stivers. The roundtable included an in-depth conversation about proposed tax policy, healthcare repeal, border taxes, access to capital, small business regulation and more.

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